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Website Scan and categorizing cookies
Website Scan and categorizing cookies

Scan your website to find cookies & tracking technologies. Then categorize them into purposes for cookie consent.

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We scan your website and generate a list of cookies that you use on your website. These cookies are then auto-categorized in categories like Marketing, Analytics, etc. Some of the cookies where we do not have enough information are categorized as Unknown. For auto-blocking to work, you need to categorize all cookies into these categories.

Website Scan:

When you add a website we find your sitemap and start a scan of webpages mentioned in the sitemap. Currently, we can scan up to 500 pages, wherein for each webpage we generate a list of cookies that are being used.

Categorizing Cookies:

  • Once the scan is completed, you will see a list of cookies under the Scans tab

  • Click on any row to edit the cookie details like Category, Details, Lifespan. All these details will be a part of your cookie policy disclosure.

We offer the following Categories:

  • Strictly Essential: This category is for cookies that are strictly essential to operate your website like load balancing cookies

  • Targeting: Categorize cookies that are used for targeting or advertising to your website users like DoubleClick cookies

  • Analytics: Cookies which are used to measure website analytics like user visits, session times for example cookies set by google analytics

  • Functional: Cookies which are used for personalizing the website or for other functionality like collecting user feedback

  • You can add a new category from the Add new Category button

When you have finished categorizing all cookies, hit the Publish button to make these changes live on your website.

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