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Integrating script to your website
Integrating script to your website
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This is the final step for the setup of our cookie consent solution for your website. We generate a single javascript code that manages the cookie banner, user consent, geo-targeting on your website. You can find the script under the Integrations tab:

Integrating Script:

  • We offer scripts for both staging and live environment

  • Copy the script from the dashboard, it will look like:

<!-- Privado Notice start --> <script src="" type="text/javascript" > </script> <!-- Privado Notice end -->
  • This script has to be the first script in the header section of your website

Once you integrate the script on your website, you can make changes on the dashboard and hit the Publish button to make it live on your website.

Cookie Button:

You can add a button for users to withdraw consent by using the following code. This button refers to our main javascript and will only work if the page has our script. Please add this button at the right

<button id="privado-changepreferences" >Cookie Settings</button>

For Squarespace

To add the cookie settings button in Wix websites, add the following code in embed:

<button id="privado-changepreferences" onclick="'[PRIVADO_EVENT] changeConsent', '*')">
Cookie Settings

Cookie Table:

You can add a list of cookies on your privacy policy webpage as categorized on our dashboard using the following code. We refer to the main javascript to generate this list so ensure that is added on the webpage.

<div id="privado-cookie-table"></div>

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