Our cookie banner can be customized completely and supports all languages. We will take the example of French here, but you can change it to any language.

  • Go to Consent Banner and select the template that you want to edit

  • Click on Edit Template to customize the banner

  • Go to the Content tab and change the Notice Text from English to the right text in the language you want

  • Similarly, change the button text to the language of your choice

  • Your cookie banner is changed to the language of your choice. The next step is to translate the settings panel

  • Click on the Settings Panel Tab, and translate the description of the settings panel to the language of your choice

  • Now, to change the name and description of the cookie categories, go back to the Cookie dashboard

  • Click on the Category you want to change, and then click on the Edit button

  • Change the category name and description as translated by the language you want

  • Then click on the Save Category button to save the changes

  • Similarly, edit all of the cookie categories, this is how your cookie settings panel will look after the changes

  • You are all done, hit publish and see it live on your website

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