We enable you to import data that you might have in excel to Privado. We support import for the following:

  1. Processing Activity

  2. Asset

  3. Vendor

  4. People

Steps to import data from excel:

  1. Go to the section from left menu whose data you want to import & click on the Import button

  2. A pop-up will open asking you to upload a file. Before you do that, click on Download a Template, and an excel which can be used to import data will open. Click on File>Save As to download this excel.

  3. Add the data in the import template, save and then upload it from the import pop-up

  4. We will import all data which is valid and all rows with invalid data will be compiled and downloaded for you to fix and re-upload.

The import functionality also updates a record in case it already exists.

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