One of the key step of data mapping is to find out what data is being processed. You can capture that by relating data elements to a processing activity. You can also relate data elements to Assets & Vendors.

We take the data elements related to a processing activity to generate RoPA reports, Data Flow Diagrams and other reports. Here is how you can relate data elements to a processing activity:

  1. Select processing activity

  2. Move to the data elements tab from the top

  3. Click on Add More button

  4. Select the Individual Type whose data you are processing from the side panel

  5. Select the relevant data elements. You can use search or browse via categories to select the right data elements

  6. Click on Save Selected Elements to relate selected data elements to the activity

  7. You can edit these data elements by clicking on Add More. You can select the data element and delete from the table as well

  8. Data Categories of these data elements will become a part of your RoPA report

  9. In case there is special category data, we will enable relevant fields in the GDPR regulatory information section of the processing activity

In case you want to customize the individual types or data elements contact support.

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