As you keep discovering different vendors, group companies processing data in a processing activity, you should also decide a legal role that these companies will play. Based on the regulation they might be playing the role of a controller or a processor.

You can associate a legal role with an entity or vendor. We have the following legal roles configured:

  1. Controller

  2. Joint Controller

  3. Independent Controller

  4. Processor

  5. Sub-Processor

Along with defining the legal role, you can also add if there is a cross-border transfer happening and specify the applicable transfer mechanism along with it.

Auto-suggestions: We automatically suggest you certain entity and vendors which are potentially playing some roll in a process. These suggestions are based on the assets, vendors, and entities linked to your processing activity in data flow diagrams. Managing Entity of the processing activity is also suggested for a legal role, it's generally a controller or a processor.

Steps to create a legal relationship:

  1. Select a processing activity and move to the Legal tab

  2. If there is a suggestion, click on Assign Role if relevant, else dismiss with the cross icon.

  3. When you click on Assign Role or Add Legal Relationship a side panel will open up.

  4. Select the relevant vendor or entity for which you want to add a relationship.

  5. Select the relevant law for which you want to add the Legal relationship

  6. Select the role that the vendor or entity is playing in the process

  7. In case of a transfer, use the toggle to enable that

  8. Select the transfer mechanism and click Save to add the Legal Relationship

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