Connecting Bitbucket

Integrating with SCM tool

Written by Nikhil Kukade
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After signing up, you will be redirected to the onboarding page. As part of onboarding, you will be prompted to connect Privado with your source code management tool for scanning the repositories.

Follow the steps mentioned in this article if you are using Bitbucket

Pre requisite : It is required that you use Bitbucket admin credentials while connecting Privado with Bitbucket. If you do not have admin credentials you can invite admin by clicking on Invite a Team member

  1. Select Bitbucket by clicking on Authenticate

2. You will be redirected to Bitbucket and prompted to enter the Bitbucket credentials. You should connect using the Bitbucket admin credentials

3. .Upon successful login, Bitbucket will prompt you to Authorize the Privado app. These permissions allow us to scan the code repositories. Please select Grant access

(Note : Privado requires read only permissions to connect with Bitbucket. Privado does not copy or store any code that it discovers)

Upon successful connection Privado will fetch the repositories. The next step in onboarding is to follow the steps mentioned in Selecting Repositories.

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