Inviting Team members
Written by Nikhil Kukade
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You can collaborate with your team members easily on Privado. Follow the steps to invite them:

During Onboarding

To finish the integration, you can easily add your team members with admin access to source code management tools like GitHub, BitBucket & GitLab. Once you log in to Privado, you will see the following screen:

Next, click on Invite a Team member, next to Need help, and a pop-up will open. Add the email address of your team member and click Send Invite.

You have finished inviting your team members to Privado.

From Settings

Go to Settings

Once you log in to the Privado application, click on the Settings tab in the top nav bar. It will take you to the settings page and then navigate to Users.

Click on Invite Member

In the users tab click on the Invite Member button, it will open a pop-up asking you the email address of the user you want to invite. Add the email and click on Send Invite. Congratulations, you have invited your team member, let the collaboration begin.

Managing Users

You can manage roles and deactivate existing users from this tab itself. You can also see users who have not accepted your invite currently.

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