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After signing up, you will be redirected to the onboarding page. As part of onboarding, you will be prompted to connect Privado with your source code management tool for scanning the repositories.

Follow the steps mentioned in this article if you are using Gitlab.

Pre requisite :

It is required that you use Gitlab admin credentials while connecting Privado with Gitlab. If you do not have admin credentials you can invite admin by clicking on Invite a Team member.

For Gitlab, it is also required to create Privado Application and note the Application id and secret key. Follow the below mentioned steps to create Privado Application in Gitlab.

Creating Privado Application in Gitlab

Login to your GitLab cloud account and navigate to All Groups

Select the Group for which you want to integrate Privado and click on Settings button from the left-nav bar & click on Applications from the Settings menu.

Add the following details in the Applications create screen:

Once you fill these details, click Save Application button to create your application.

Please note you will need your Application ID, Secret in Privado. Before you click Continue, Please copy and save Application ID and Secret somewhere safe so that you can use them in Privado.

Connecting with Privado

  1. Navigate to Privado

2. Click Setup in the "Connect Gitlab" section

3. You will be redirected to Gitlab and prompted to enter the App id and App Secret key generated earlier for Privado Integrator app

4. Click on Connect after entering the details. A pop-up will open, click Authorize to authenticate the Privado App.

Upon successful connection Privado will fetch the repositories. The next step in onboarding is to follow the steps mentioned in Selecting Repositories.

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