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Privado automates the data processing aspect of a RoPA report i.e. data categories, data processors, data transfers. However, you still need to get information on purposes, descriptions from developers and add privacy information like legal basis.

Adding RoPA Information

You can add the missing information for RoPA either directly or by sending an assessment to developers. To do this select the Repository for which you are creating RoPA.

Using Dashboard

Once you are on the Overview tab of the Repository you will see on the left ROPA status as Pending. Click on the Edit button.

A modal will open where you can enter details for RoPA like description, purposes of the processing, legal basis, etc. Once you had added the information, click on Save Changes.

Using Assessments

You can send a pre-filled assessment for your repositories to developers inside your company. Our assessment has several advantages:

  1. Developers understand code repositories and what they are doing there.

  2. Privado discovers elements like personal data, third parties and add it to the assessments, this eliminates the time it takes for developers to collect this data or even train them on what personal data means.

To send an assessment, click on Send Assessment button from the left panel.

An assessment modal will open up. Add the following details here:

  1. Assessment title: We pre-fill this, feel free to make it more contextual

  2. Respondent: Add the email address of the developer you want information from

  3. Due Date: Add the date by when this assessment has to be completed

  4. Send Automatic Reminders: We also allow you to send automatic reminders to respondents on a frequency you decide.

Once you fill in these details, click Send. We also generate a link that you can copy and share on internal groups like Slack.

Downloading RoPA

Once all the missing information is filled in, the ROPA status of your repository changes from Pending to Download. You can click on the Download button to download the ROPA for the repository.

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