Bulk Assessments with CSV Imports
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Whether you are already using assessments or starting with new account, CSV workflow helps you send bulk assessments easily with the help of a pre-formatted file. Privado provides easy workflow to prepare a CSV file and to import it easily for sending assessments.

There are three steps to this workflow

  1. Downloading A CSV file with list of repositories you want to send assessments for. This file uses our recommended format along with correct column titles and details to fill-in.

  2. Editing the downloaded file with required data-fields.

  3. Upload and Import the prepared file to Send Bulk Assessments

1. Preparing a CSV file with selected repositories

You can create a CSV file on your own, but we recommend using Privado workflow to get a template that is already pre-formatted to avoid any errors. You can get this starter CSV easily by going to assessments.

Getting Started

Go to Assessments and Click on Bulk Assessments. This will provide two options.

Click "Select repositories to get a CSV template" to go to next step.

Selecting Repositories

From this view, select repositories you want to send assessments for.

You use search and filters to find repositories easily.

Once ready with selection, click on "download CSV" to get the file.

Tip: ROPA status is a great way to quickly find repositories where no assessment has been sent. Select RoPA - not started, to get such a list.

Downloading file

Once downloaded, you will see a popover with confirmation and directions for next step.

2. Fields & File Requirements

If you have used the workflow from previous step, privado provides a file that is already formatted with column names as well repository id and repository name.

It is important to keep repository ID and name as it is.

And for minimal errors, please add all fields in correct format.

Fields and properties.

This is where we can talk about each field and what format to expect.

A screenshot of CSV in a spreadsheet editor can be useful.

3. Importing CSV

Once you have file ready with all the data-filled in, you can come back to Privado dashboard and upload to start importing.

If you had closed this previous window, go to Assessments again and click on 'Bulk Assessment'.

From options, select "Upload a Ready CSV file" to start.

Once file is selected and ready, click import.

If there are no issues with your file, you will see number of rows parsed in next step.

Handling Errors

Sometimes you might see errors that needs fixing before moving to next step.

Often these errors are related to incorrect formatting or missing columns.

Review errors and click 'replace' to upload a new file with resolved field-errors.

If an error continues to persist even after correct formatting, please write to us.

4. Sending Assessments

Once ready, click on "Send Assessments" to send. This immediately sends email notifications to all the respondents, and all assessments are added to dashboard for tracking, approval and reminders.

Occasionally, you might get alerts where certain rows can't be parsed. In such cases, you can still send assessments for rows with correct data.

To diagnose which rows get ignored, expand the alert for complete details.

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