Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Privado supports granular user roles to give users the appropriate permissions.

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Supported Roles

Super Admin

Provides access to all Privado features available to your account, including the ability to

invite and remove users, create and manage workspaces, and manage any integrations


Provides access to all the Privado features available to a given workspace. Includes the

same permissions as Super Admin, but permissions are scoped to a specific workspace.


Provides access to Privado that is scoped to repositories for which the user has code

host permissions. For example, a user can only see features related to repositories they

have matching permissions in GitHub. These permissions are kept in sync with the code

host, and repository access must be managed through it.


Provides access for non-developer users, meaning they will not have permissions

scoped to specific repositories but will be able to see any repositories synced with

Privado. They will also have access to all assessments, issues, and views in the product.

Supported Permissions

Inviting Users

You can invite users by navigating to the Users section in your Privado settings and clicking "Invite User":

Invited users will receive an email with a join link that will prompt them to set up a password and join your Privado account.

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