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Configuring SSO with Azure for Privado Cloud
Configuring SSO with Azure for Privado Cloud

Steps to configure Azure AD SSO with Privado cloud instance

Written by Nikhil Kukade
Updated over a week ago

Privado supports use of SSO with Azure AD for authentication and user onboarding.

This article will help you in configuring SSO with Azure AD

Pre requisites Azure -

Please make sure you have the following values copied from Azure as they will be required at the time of integration -

Follow the below mentioned steps to set up SSO with Azure AD

Creating and configuring Application in Azure

  1. Login to your Azure Account and select Microsoft Entra ID

2. Navigate to App Registration and click on "New Registration".

3. Create Application with following details

4. Token Configuration

  • Add Groups Claim - This is for user provisioning. If you do not do this, then you will have to add users manually. Select Group Types and ID Token as seen in below screenshot and click add.

5. API Permissions

Navigate to API Permissions to select permissions as seen in below screenshot. Click on Update permissions.

5. Create Secret codes

Navigate to Certification and Secrets and click on "New Client secrets". Enter Description as "Privado App" and click Add.

Note : Copy below information to privado create azure configuration dialog to create SSO configuration for Azure.

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Step 2 : SSO Configuration Privado

  1. Login to Privado and from settings, navigate to SSO tab

2. Enter Client ID, Client Secret as noted in the previous step.

3. For the issuer id, enter the url as{tenantid}/v2.0.

Tenant id - Copy the Directory tenant id value from the Application Overview page a

4. Click on save configuration

5. Navigate to Roles tab to map Azure Group to Privado roles

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