Connecting Privado with Slack
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Privacy teams can send assessments to their team members on Slack with our slack integration. Our bot on Slack will send a message to the respondent and send reminders automatically. Since the product & engineering team heavily use Slack, integrating Slack will help you improve the assessment response rate.

Integrating Slack with Privado

Navigate to the Settings section and then to the Integrations tab.

Click on Connect on the Slack tile to start the integration.

Click Allow to finish the integration and your Slack account will be connected with Privado.

Sharing Assessment to Slack

Once your Slack integration is complete, Privado will find the Slack user from the email you have added as a respondent on your assessment. You can send automatic reminder messages on Slack while launching an assessment.

The respondent will get a direct message on your behalf from the Privado Slack bot.

You have successfully integrated Slack.

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