Designing a Cookie Banner

Cookie banners can be customized from the "Design Templates" tab in the dashboard.

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Customizing Cookie Banner:

  • Go to Consent Banner and select the template that you want to edit

  • Click on Edit to customize the banner

  • Change the notice text, background color and CTA button settings from the left panel.

Customizing Cookie Settings:

  • Click on the Content tab

  • Change the Notice text, toggle button, and CTA button color

  • Save changes

  • Hit the Publish button at the top to reflect these changes on your website

Adding Privacy Policy Link to your banner

You can add the link to the privacy policy of your website by adding the following to the end of your cookie notice text.

For more details, read our <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: inherit; color: #0645AD;">Privacy Policy</a>.

  • Change the link to your privacy policy link

  • Change the color hexacode to the one you want for your banner

  • In the preview section, you will see the code but when you publish it on your website it will show properly

Changing the Language of cookie banner

We allow you to change the language from default English to the language of your choice. This article covers the steps to do the same.

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