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Steps to integrate cookie consent script in Webflow

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You can integrate our javascript into webflow using custom code. Please note custom code is a paid webflow feature, follow the steps below to set up our cookie consent solution on your webflow website:

  • Finish setup and hit the Publish button. Go to the Integrations tab and copy the script

  • Open Project Settings in webflow, navigate to Custom Code section

  • Add the javascript as the first script in the Head Code section

  • Click on Save and Publish on your staging environment

  • Confirm if the banner is being displayed correctly and cookies are being blocked

  • Publish to your main webflow website

You can make changes from our dashboard anytime and hit Publish to reflect them on your main website.

Cookie Setting Button:

You can add a button for users to withdraw consent by using the following code. This button refers to our main javascript and will only work if the page has our script. Please add this button at the right

<button id="privado-changepreferences" >Cookie Settings</button>

  • Go to the designer section of webflow and navigate to the footer

  • Add Embed from webflow on your footer at the relevant section

  • Add the above code in your embed and click, Save and Close

  • Cookie Setting button will get added to your footer

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