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Introduction to Cookie Consent
Introduction to Cookie Consent

Cookie consent solution is used to make a website compliant with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA.

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Legal requirements:

Some privacy laws like GDPR require websites to only drop these cookies once the user has given consent for them. They also require users to be given an option to give consent to each purpose separately like Marketing, Analytics, Functional amongst others. While CCPA requires users to be given an option to opt-out of these cookies and other tracking technologies.

Cookie Blocking:

There are two ways in which cookies can be blocked:

Manual Blocking:

In manual blocking, you have to change the type in the javascript to type="javascript/privado-block" privado-cookie-category="CategoryID". Here, category id is the category of the javascript and is displayed on our dashboard. Once the user gives consent for the respective category, we automatically change it to type="javascript" and execute it.

Automatic Blocking:

In automatic blocking, you just have to categorize cookies on our dashboard. All scripts that set these categorized cookies are blocked by changing type similar to manual blocking automatically by our script. Once we get the user's consent, these scripts are executed.

Cookie Consent Components:

  • Scanning the website: Here you scan the website and generate a list of cookies that your website uses. We auto-categorize these cookies into categories and you have to categorize the unknown cookies.

  • Designing a cookie banner: Design your banner wherein you inform users of the use of cookies and provide CTA of Accept, Deny, and Cookie Settings.

  • Setting up a consent policy: Setup a geo-policy for consent ensuring compliance with each country or region's privacy laws.

  • Integrating javascript on the website: Publish and generate a javascript that you will embed as the first script in the header of your website.

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