Google Tag Manager Integration

Use Google Tag Manager to integrate Privado's cookie consent solution.

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If you are using Google Tag Manager to fire your scripts like Google Analytics, you can install our cookie banner & manage those scripts from tag manager itself. Please follow the steps below:

  • Finish setup and hit the Publish button. Go to the Integrations tab and click on the Download Icon under the Google Tag Manager section

  • It will download a Tag Manager container on your device

  • Login to your tag manager account and click on Admin

  • Under the Admin section, click on Import Container which will open the following screen

  • Click on Choose container file and select the container which you downloaded from our dashboard

  • Once you do that, select the merge option and ensure there are no conflicts in your tags & triggers

  • On successful import, we will add a cookie script tag for you and three triggers

  • Edit the cookie script tag, copy the script from the Integrations page of our dashboard, and paste it here & save.

Using Triggers:

  1. Allow Analytics Cookies: Use this trigger to fire tags that set analytics cookies like Google Analytics or Hotjar

  2. Allow Functional Cookies: Use this trigger to fire tags that set functional cookies like Intercom

  3. Allow Targeting Cookies: Use this trigger to fire tags that set targeting cookies like Facebook pixel

Once you have changed your triggers, click on Submit, and publish your changes. A GDPR compliant cookie banner will be live on your website.


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